COLLECTION • Vintage Hot Wheels

Introduced in 1968, Mattel Hot Wheels were an instant smash among children and adults alike.

The engineering and design, the colors, and most important, the attention to detail;
they were like nothing seen before in a die-cast toy car.


My collection focuses on the first 10 years of production: 1968 to 1977.

Known as the Redline Era because of the red pinstripe embossed on the tire sidewall.

Here are some photos of select pieces from my collection,

as well as some childhood collections I've acquired over the years.

Over the years many cars have come and go.

But the mainstays are an extensive rainbow (or "bow" in collector-speak) of 2 models:

the 1968 Custom Eldorado and the 1968 Hot Heap. Both models were made

in the United States and Hong Kong factories from 1968 to 1971.

There are many color variations (exterior and interior), 

making both models fun and a challenge to collect.

Current count: 40 Custom Eldorado, 33 Hot Heap

*Photos coming soon*

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